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The newcomer on Scarlet & Julia is Decléor, a professional Aromatherapy holistic skincare brand with more than 40 years of experience. Feeling good is the new looking good.

Have you had enough of using make-up to hide some flaws rather than to reveal your natural beauty? The Decléor pre-make-up routine exists to visibly improve the quality of your skin. A healthy skin is the pillar of a well-executed make-up like pros do! Not convinced yet? Decléor products are used backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to give the angels their iconic glow. Not only that, but the products are also good for your mind thanks to the botanical power of Essential Oils. You’ll see, there is no better way to start the day!
Pick the Aromessence (oil-serum) adapted to your skin type. In case of doubt, we recommend the hydrating oil serum Aromessence Néroli suitable for all skin types. The synergy between Essential Oils and Botanical Oils amplifies the efficacy of daily care products enabling them to better penetrate into the dermis for optimal results. Bonus – Aromatherapy benefit: Neroli Essential Oil contributes to reduce the sensation of stress!
For the ‘wow’ effect, on top of your three drops of Aromessence, apply the Instant glow hydrogel mask. Leave on the skin for 10 minutes and indulge in the freshness of Jasmine Absolute. Like a power nap for the skin, it brings an instant glow to the complexion. PS: this is the behind-the-scene secret for Victoria’s Secret Angels’ glow.
Apply the DECLÉOR day cream of your choice. For a dull complexion, we recommand the Aurabsolu Intense Glow Awakening cream to restore your skin’s luminosity and radiance.
Once your make-up is done, spray the Aurabsolu refreshing mist to fix it and to maximize your glow. This on-the-go product can be carried in your handbag or sport bag to revive your skin and mind anytime during the day. Indeed, its energizing cocktail with Essential Oils and its Mint Floral Water are uplifting not only for dull complexions, but also for tired minds.
Expert Tip
Cleansing is an essential step to a more refined skin texture and for skin to be like a canvas for a flawless make-up. Morning and night. Regardless of the intensity of your make-up. No compromise. At Decléor, this crucial step is taken very seriously: micellar water, micellar oil, cleansing milk, foam…We have a cleanser for everyone! VOGUE Magazine prefers the essential cleansing milk whereas, the Victoria’s Secret angels choose the 3-in-1 cleansing mousse in their night routine. And you, what cleanser will you pick?


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