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If your hair is naturally quite dry or if you use as much hairspray as Margaret Thatcher did, apply L’Huile de Leonor Greyl to the length and ends of your hair before washing it. As a result, your locks will be easier to untangle and appear glossier.
It is very important to regularly clean your hair appliances. Even a tiny bit of dust on your hairbrush can dull the natural shine of your hair by covering it with small particles of dirt. Plus, the brush you use for detangling your hair should not be the same as the one you use for blow-drying it.
Always select your shampoo according to the condition of your scalp, not the length and ends of your hair. Also, beware of shampoos that generate lots of lather, as they often strip hair of its natural oils. A good shampoo does not need froth to work well.
There is no need apply shampoo to the length and ends of your hair, as it would only damage them. Use shampoo to wash your scalp, then as you rinse it the foam will run down the rest of your hair, therefore gently cleaning it.
If you wash your hair frequently, every day or every other day, you should only shampoo once. Otherwise, two successive shampoos are recommended.
You should take at least three minutes to properly wash your hair. Ensure it is thoroughly wet, then apply a small amount of shampoo mixed with a little water. Massage onto the scalp to stimulate the microcirculation, then add a little more water and apply a bit more shampoo. Repeat until a dense lather is formed, then rinse until your hair is squeaky clean.
Select your hair mask according to the condition of your length and ends. Never apply it to the roots, which would upset the volume. Do not leave your mask on for too long, otherwise it could solidify on your hair and lose some of its nourishing properties. On the other hand, if you use an oil, you can leave it on for as long as you want.
Always adapt your hair care ritual to the environment you are in. Climate and water quality are often underestimated influencing factors on how your hair looks and how you should take care of it.
Never blow dry, straighten or iron-curl your hair without protecting your length and ends with a small quantity of no-rinse serum or hydrating treatment. The damages caused by the heat are often underestimated.


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