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Does your skin tingle, have red spots, burn, or itch?
You probably have sensitive skin that requires gentle and meticulous care.
Get the lowdown here.

What is sensitive skin?
When faced with the same environmental or cosmetic conditions, sensitive skin tends to react more than normal skin. Red spots can appear and are sometimes accompanied by a burning, itching or tingling sensation. Any skin type can be sensitive, be it normal, dry, oily, or mature.

The right steps


Eliminate the causes of irritation, such as contact with extreme heat or cold,
spices, essential oils, rubbing, and soaps that dry up the skin.

Eliminate the causes of irritation

Apply gentle calming products. Typically, sensitive skin requires neutral perfume-free products that contain only a few ingredients and no preservatives. Some products containing thermal water will alleviate inflammation and calm the burning sensation.

Moisturize your skin day and night with products tailored to sensitive skin that will restore the hydrolipid film and strengthen the skin’s natural protection. If the skin feels tight, use a moisturizing serum under your day cream.

Moisturize your skin day and night, Payot, Nuxe Paris, Consonant, Jouviance

Remove your makeup with extreme care. Milky lotions or micellar waters are perfect because they gently eliminate impurities and remove makeup. If possible, use ultra-soft cotton pads or massage the cleanser with your fingers and remove it with a tissue.

Spray thermal water as often as needed!

Spray thermal water, Evian, Esthederm, Babor

Protect your skin from the sun with SPF 50 or higher because sensitive skin is often fragile and pale.

Only use specific makeup products, especially for your eyes. For your complexion, use mineral powders or perfume-free foundations.

Use specific makeup products, Jouviance, Fusion Beauty, Dr. Haushcka, Cargo
Laetitia Beretti
Laetitia is a beauty editor who has worked with various magazines such as Coup de pouce, Clin d’oeil, Moi & Cie and Huffington Post. Her passion for beauty and desire to understand the secrets behind the different mechanisms of the skin led her to study in the field of Science and Cosmetology, before working as a trainer and a journalist.


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