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facial care

To take care of your skin, follow the key steps below every day.

By Laetitia Beretti
Cleanser, Lise Watier, Reversa, Jouviance
Whether you wear makeup or not, a cleanser is an essential product that should be used before any other treatment. It rids the skin of impurities and makeup residues so it can better regenerate at night. Foaming water-based cleansers, cleansing oils, micellar waters, or milk lotion duos? Choose whatever cleanser is right for your skin, but the important thing is to use it every night! In the morning, opt for a micellar water to gently stimulate the epidermis.
Serum, Bliss, Jouviance, Payot, Nuxe Paris
Serums penetrate the epidermis to bring the cells all the active nutrients necessary so they can keep working correctly. A serum is never used on its own — apply a few drops day or night on a clean skin, before using your cream. With an anti-aging formula, the serum is designed to fight dry or sensitive skin, a loss of radiance, and free radicals.
Day Cream, Esthederm, Neostrata, Babor, IDC
Day cream
A day cream is a protective barrier that moisturizes the epidermis’ superficial layers. Choose a light texture if you have normal to combination skin, or a rich texture for normal to dry skin. Depending on which active nutrients it contains, it will fight wrinkles, sebum, and relieve dry or sensitive skin. If you want to avoid dark spots, you might want to opt for a daily care that contains UV protection.
Eye Contour Care, Bliss, Juvena, Lise Watier, Payot
Eye contour care
The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and more fragile than the skin on the face. That’s where our first wrinkles appear! So it’s important to take care of this delicate zone by regularly moisturizing it and using products that are specifically formulated for the area. Be careful not to apply your daily cream near your eyes as it can lead to a swelling of the eyelid due to the cream’s concentrated formula.
Complementary Care, Lise Watier, Jouviance, Bliss, Juvena, Consonant
Complementary care
It’s important to use a scrub once or twice a week. Why? Because it removes dead cells and gives your complexion a revitalized look. If your skin is sensitive or dry, one exfoliation a week is enough. On the other hand, oily skins can benefit from up to two exfoliations a week. Once rid of its impurities, the skin is ready for a mask. Choose a moisturizing mask if you have dry skin or a purifying one if you have oily skin.
Laetitia Beretti
Laetitia is a beauty editor who has worked with various magazines such as Coup de pouce, Clin d’oeil, Moi & Cie and Huffington Post. Her passion for beauty and desire to understand the secrets behind the different mechanisms of the skin led her to study in the field of Science and Cosmetology, before working as a trainer and a journalist.


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