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My complexion lacks radiance my complexion lacks radiance

When your summer tan is but a distant memory and when pollution, tobacco, and fatigue make your complexion look like paper maché, follow the steps below to restore some radiance to your skin.

The right steps

Identify a dull complexion
You can recognize a dull complexion by its greyish tint and lack of homogeneity (small spots, blurriness, etc.). Pollution, stress, dehydration and lack of oxygenation are often the cause.
Remove dead cells once a week
To give your complexion a boost and to get rid of dead cells, scrub your skin regularly. Another benefit of exfoliating is that it will activate microcirculation and detoxify the epidermis.
Lise Watier Skin Radiance Smoothing Exfoliant Gel
Replenish and moisturize every day
The more water the cells retain, the clearer and more luminous your complexion will be. Therefore, rely on moisturizing serums and products with vitamin C that will “light up” your skin.
Cliniderm Moisturizer
Clean your skin
Rely on a complete cleansing routine! Start by massaging the face with a balm or cleansing oil, which will get rid of makeup particles and pollution. Rinse and use a cleansing milk or foam to eliminate the rest of the impurities, and finish up with a cotton pad dampened with lotion.
Payot Cleansing Oil
Use detoxifying products
Perfect for helping the skin get rid of toxins and restoring a fresh radiant complexion, detoxifying products can be found in different formulations, such as creams, oils, cleansers, serums, and masks.
Jouviance Purifying Mask Complete Skin renew
Choose illuminating foundations that will make your skin glow and then opt for a peach or pink blush to make your skin look refreshed. To finish the look, dab a little bit of illuminator on the forehead, cheekbones, dimples, and nose.
Cargo HD Picture Perfect Matifier Liquide
Protect your skin from UV rays
UV rays can cause hyperpigmentation problems that result in a dull complexion. To avoid this, use a product with an SPF under your cream or a foundation that protects from the sun. To correct any problems, use anti-spot products.
Lise Watier Lift Firming Moisturizing Foudation
Laetitia Beretti
Laetitia is a beauty editor who has worked with various magazines such as Coup de pouce, Clin d’oeil, Moi & Cie and Huffington Post. Her passion for beauty and desire to understand the secrets behind the different mechanisms of the skin led her to study in the field of Science and Cosmetology, before working as a trainer and a journalist.


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