Rewards Program

The S&J Reward Program is a fun way to earn points.

S&J Points are earned through product purchases and other actions that support the Scarlet & Julia community. S&J Points are converted into S&J Credits and they can be redeemed at Scarlet & Julia for product discounts or other benefits. As a member of Scarlet & Julia, there are lots of ways to earn and spend your S&J Points. This is just one of the many ways we thank you for being a loyal customer.


Earning S&J Points

Check this list to discover all the fun ways to earn S&J Points!

  • Join us — Earn 100 S&J Points for signing up with Scarlet & Julia.

  • Make a purchase — Earn 10 S&J Points for each dollar spent on purchases made where no S&J Points were redeemed.

  • Get friends to join — Earn 500 S&J Points when a friend you invited makes their first purchase using your personal invitation link.


S&J Points Account

Every time S&J Points are earned, they will be automatically posted in your account. Scarlet & Julia has the full and final rights on the decision to award or revoke S&J Points. For instance, we only allow one “join us” reward for each real person that joins Scarlet & Julia. We also do not allow “friend” rewards for inviting yourself through other email accounts you have access to. If such situations occur, they will be rejected at our discretion.


Managing Your S&J Points

You have the ability to view and manage your S&J Points in the My Account section. You may redeem your S&J Points on product purchases as well as send S&J Points to a friend.


S&J Points Value and Expiration

S&J Points have no redeemable cash value and a one-year expiration date. S&J Points expire in the order in which they were earned.



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